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Pick Your Power

Pick your Power

Pick Your Power

What is Your Super Hero Name ?
Electric Hawk

The sarcastic superhero wearing a mask... and the important ability to stop deadly farts!
Pheonix Fighter

Maybe a little on the quiet side - but it doesn't mean you're not ready to kick butt-and you have the ability to stop people from farting!
Doctor Nighthawk Knuckles

You are the bold planner...not much gets in your way-and you have the amazing power to stop nasty burps!
Rock Jaw Spitfire

A little edgy and always ready to go...get out of the way! You a burp stopping machine!
Nimble Shadow

A little mystical and mysterious - you possess powers that others wish they had!-and you can stop farts!
Scorpion Howler

Yes the sarcasm rolls from your tongue and you back up your sharp words with action! And more importantly, you can stop deadly farts!
Fearless Katana

You just have to be out front - the leader of the pack. Fearless leadership skills for sure! And nasty burps are not a problem because you can stop them!
Blitzfire Angel

The female Clark Kent - it doesn't take much for you to jump into action! When you get going you are hard to stop! No one is burping in your face!
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