Would you change yourself to make someone love you?

Have you ever met-dated anyone online?

What is the scariest thing about love?

How often would you text/call someone in a new relationship (first month)?



How long do you think it take before you fall in love with someone?

If someone cheats on you...

When you start a relationship-how much time do you like to spend together?

How soon do you introduce a new relationship to your family?



Do you get jealous?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Are You Easy to Love?
Fall Fast and Easy Lover-You are always Ready to Take a Bite of love!

You become attached quickly. When you find someone you like- it can be hard to hold back!
Give and Take Lover-Somewhere in the Middle!

You take things in stride. Give and take. You don't want to seem desperate or infatuated. It's a bit of a game that you will play until you can figure things out!
Heart of Stone Lover

Not going to happen. You will be chased - you are not the chaser. There is a huge wall around your heart that very few (if any) people will climb over. You are tough!

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