Your Spirit Animal

I like my music volume

I Like My Music



What color shirt looks best on you?

What is your favorite color car?

Pick your pizza



When were you born?

Favorite Party Food

What is the BEST social media platform?



What letter does your first name start with?

What is Your Stupid DJ Name?
DJ Nose Picker

Pick and Flick-Slimy Booger Jamz!
DJ Fart Master

Pull my Finger-HEAVY Bass and Room Clearing Shart Jamz!
DJ Wink

You got the look to pull all the hotties! Spinning Romantic Love Jamz!
DJ Stank Breath

Step Back Hot Breath Beats-Monster Mouthwash Jamz!
DJ Stank Master

People get moving when you are in the room-spinning get out of the way stomach flipping Jamz!
DJ Sweaty Pits

Hot, Salty Rhythms that flow freely! Over-active sweat gland Jamz!
DJ. Bad Teef

You got gaps and missing, moldy teeth Jamz!
DJ Toe Jamz

Barefoot tapping-stick to the carpet Jamz!
DJ Ear Wax

Greasy-deep digging jamz-loud and bold!
DJ Butt Scratcher

Always Digging for the best Jamz!
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