Describe Your Dogs Mobility

Describe Your Dogs Level of Pain

Describe Your Dogs Breathing

Describe Your Dogs Hygiene

Describe Your Dogs Appetite

Describe Your Dogs Social Interactions

Uncertainty of Your Pets Condition

YOUR Feelings About Your Pet

My Dogs Quality of Life-Is it Time to Say Goodbye?
It may be time to say goodbye.

You have given your dog very low marks in their quality of life. As difficult as it may be, it might be time to check with your Vet and ask about your options.
Your dog is getting by but should be watched closely.

It may be time for an intervention. If your dog is on medication or has had surgery, watch them closely. Stay in contact with your Vet as needed. Your pup is struggling in some areas and you may have to make a difficult decision soon.
Your dog is doing OK!

They are generally active, but not s active as they once were. They can still do about half of their once normal activities. They may have some issues that can mostly be controlled.
Your dog is Doing Well!

They are not showing drastic changes in their behaviors and can do all their regular activities without problems.
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